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Pernell Roberts

This website is in


of the great Actor

Pernell Roberts

better known as

Adam Cartwright




My goal is to provide you with as much information I can.
This website is far from boring.
You will find here every month a new Movie where,
Pernell plays either the main role,or is a secondary character.
This website has an excelent Library with writers from all over the World
You can lissin to Pernell's Music,
watch music videos, vieuw photos and so on.
I'll hope to see you return often.
If you have trouble with bad link connections,
or if you have any ideas or questions, you can always contact me.
This website is going under Construction.
Stay tuned, and visit this place often.
From now on until everything has his place, this website will get all his pages back.

Hopefully you like the new lay-out  as a starter.
In Memory